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    Each lesson is filled with research, best practices, helpful stories, and clear actions to teach your managers what you've always been meaning to.

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    Incrementally learn & build skills weekly with our bite-size lessons, instead of spending thousands on all-day training that disrupts & is quickly forgotten.

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    Meet weekly with your group of managers to discuss the lessons. Boost accountability as everyone wants to come prepared.


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    We send you a special agenda to facilitate an awesome discussion to build bonds & deepen learning. Simply open it & start the meeting.


  • Leaders & Trainers ❤️ Lighthouse Lessons


    "Lighthouse Lessons is a lot more actionable than other programs we've tried; it deals with real world, everyday stuff our managers face.


    When I came across Lighthouse Lessons, it really met a need that we were looking for to expand on how we cover feedback in our in-person training.


    We see coaching as fundamental for leaders in developing other leaders. The Coach’s Clinic helps us to nurture and emphasize the importance of the role of the coach as a leader with Textron."


    - Sean Riffenburg, Global Leadership Development Facilitator at Textron



    "We were looking for a program to help our managers improve their 1 on 1s, and Lighthouse Lessons was a great fit. I've been doing 1 on 1s for years, and teaching managers how to lead efficient 1 on 1s as well, and even I found golden nuggets in the lessons to improve my 1 on 1s.


    We also had great group discussions where we shared what we tried, the surprising results, and supported each other as we shared our struggles.


    I highly recommend the 1 on 1 Master Class to any company looking to improve how their managers have 1 on 1s.


    - Christine Landry, Director of Talent & Culture at SeedBox Technologies



    "This program is full of valuable and actionable lessons on how to be a better leader and manager.


    It also offered our managers, across departments and teams, the opportunity to build camaraderie and grow together as a peer group.”


    - Nathan Broslawsky, VP Engineering, SmugMug



  • ...and Your Managers will ❤️ Lighthouse Lessons, too

    "This program is more practical than my MBA classes --- it levels up your management mindset.


    The Lighthouse team curates research and best practices from the industry and distills it into snack size, actionable pieces, which I have already seen lead to positive changes in my team’s behavior.


    - Jonathan Silva, Product Marketing Manager, GitKraken

    "I've enjoyed all the lessons from the program, and one in particular was so good it was worth the price of the program by itself!

    I've learned so much about myself, and grown as a leader thanks to this program. I highly recommend it to managers hungry to learn & grow.”


    - Mike Mantela, Engineering Manager, Vetevo

    “For the “golden nuggets” and amazing price of this course, I would definitely recommend this program for anyone trying to grow their leadership skills.”


    - Laura Knight, Electrical Engineering Manager, Nortek Control

    "You have to lead yourself before you can lead others. This course has helped me to continue to get better every day, so I can be a better manager for my team."


    - Kevin Fye, Production Supervisor, GLC Minerals

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